Speak Between The Lines

Episode #71: Ayesha’s Curriness

May 16, 2019

On this episode the crew welcome back a fan favorite guest blkgyrlfly Marlissa, Tweet Between The Lines gets the team into discussing is it ok for a married man to give a woman a complement and advice you would give to someone before working for yourself full time.

The crew move on to get into Steve Harvey losing jobs before Marlissa breaks down her article: Jesus, John, and Nip speaking on the lessons learned from God's Son, John Singleton, and Nipsey Hussle. Also, Ayesha Curry was trending on social media following Red Table Talk and the group react.

Blkgyrlfly fly then makes the call on What's The Scenario where the gang have 3 scenarios given to them and they have to choose the music they would play in that situation. Kick back and relax as the crew Speaks Between The Lines!!!

Wins and Losses - 5:58

Tweet Between The Lines - 16:57

Steve Harvey can sleep - 39:00

Jesus, John, and Nip - 1:01:50

Ayesha and Red Table Talk - 1:28:14

Whats the Scenario - 1:54:48


Jesus, John and Nip - http://www.dollar15.com/jesus-john-and-nip/?fbclid=IwAR3ZHHMJBfZzkpVfVVCpnTYk0N0UW9LGbB6nlcS4A6eZDtRb_ewApHwARUI 


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