Speak Between The Lines

Episode #73: Dealing With The Past

May 30, 2019

On this episode the guys are short handed as RES and Ave hold the fort down for J-Rock who's out.

Tweet Between The Lines has the guys digging into choices theily made in the past before the guys open up on their relationships with their fathers and the effects.  

What's The Scenario finds the crew playing songs for feeling a girl after the 1st date, an underrated artist that's dope, and what you playing before going out . Kick back and relax as the crew Speaks Between The Lines!!!

Man Down - 1:25

Wins and Losses - 8:10

Tweet Between The Lines  - 22:20

When is it worth letting the past go and when is it not - 36:38

Whats the Scenario - 101:25


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