Speak Between The Lines

Episode #27: Supporting Black Businesses w/ Alex Sweet

July 10, 2018

 The Crew is back with special guest A.Sweet to discuss the support of Black Business and the reasons it seems difficult to do as well as simple ways you can easily support.  We also delve into how do you know if you have a problem along with the best beefs in hip-hop history

0:50 - A.Sweet in the building

6:50 - Wins and Losses

15:52 - Tweet Between The Lines

24:00 - Supporting Black Businesses

41:34 - Do we feel some way about mega churches

51:04 - 4 ways to support black business

1:10:30 - A problem only exists if there is a difference between what is happening and what you want to happen

1:23:34 - drake / hip-hop beef

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