Speak Between The Lines

Episode #26: Is There More?

July 4, 2018

The crew is back with a special guest for this special review of Drake's latest effort. RES, Ave, and friend of the show, D, discuss The 6 God's new release "Scorpion" and breaks down the issues that have been revealed coming off this album. D breaks down the NBA counter parts to Drake, J.Cole, and Kendrick before dissecting drake' s career. 

1:00 Wins and Losses 

5:55 Best Basketball Movies 

14:36 Lee Daniels / Dame Dash 

23:00 Hiding My Child From The World? 

34:50 Chinks In The Armor Showing? 

49:20 Has Drake Hit His ceiling? / guarding every wall 

58:20 Where Does This Album Rank? 

1:13:35 Rotating Chair of Kendrick, Cole and Drake 

1:18:20 K.Dot, Cole, Drake's NBA counterparts 


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