Speak Between The Lines

Episode 100: Thank You

February 12, 2020

The celebration is on as the Crew celebrate the 100th episode of Speak Between The Lines.  On this historic episode the guys take a backseat as some special guests are called in to share their thoughts, experiences, and some of their favorite moments from the 2 year journey to this point.  

Thank you to everyone who has ever told someone about the show, downloaded or shared an episode/quote, or emailed/text/called us personally to let us know how this has impacted you.  

This show has bonded us as brothers in a way that would never have occurred any other way and we appreciate you for allowing us to share our stories and lives with you.  Kick back and relax as the Crew and guests Speak Between The Lines.

A. Sweet - 8:00

Todd w/ Skip The Tutorial - 14:15

Queen Cole w/ RoyalTea and Light The Path Podcast - 21:35

Bri - 39:00

Landis (akikio) - 47:90

Errol - 57:30

Blkgrylfly w/ Dollar15 Blog - 1:05:00

Thoughts on the future 1:14:00

D. Woods - 1:25:18

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